We all have our favourite strains, some prefer big-yielding monsters, others like CBD-rich weed seeds, while some prefer super-powered, high-THC rippers. It's so difficult to choose! We cannot tell you what type of marijuana seeds to buy, but we can assure you that the one thing these lovingly-curated cannabis seeds have in common is quality. High quality. Super-high quality. We want to doff our caps to these strains, to give them a round of applause, and so we are giving away twice the Eucalyptus Points for each purchase for the entire month. This is a great way to stuff your Eucalyptus wallet while sampling new products or stocking up on trusted favourites, or both! We choose four of our best cannabis seeds every month and you can find this month's picks below, with some introductory notes to help you get to know each other.


Y Griega from Medical Seeds

This dusky Greek beauty has insane levels of THC which have been clocked as high as 27%! It’s sativa-dominant and it provides a really uplifting and energetic buzz that’s great for social occasions and perfect shred with friends. One of the most remarkable assets of this plant is its explosive growth rate – in fact, it’s highly recommended to use a SCROG set-up in order to keep the plants at a manageable size. Take advantage of double Eucalyptus Points today and go Greek with Y Griega!

Kali China from Ace Seeds

Kali China from Ace Seeds offers a great opportunity for seed aficionados everywhere to add a touch of the exotic to their collection. This one descends from the much-appreciated Orient Express strain, and is created by crossing Kali Mist sativa with the breeder’s bespoke China Yunnan. The results certainly don’t disappoint: this hybrid ripper has an indica/sativa ratio of 60/40 and it provides a very balanced yet noticeably indica-dominant buzz that’s great for chilling with friends. It also grows well indoors and out, and provides pleasing yields to boot. And with double Eucalyptus Points currently available, it’s an absolute steal!


Sweet Skunk Auto from Royal Queen Seeds

Several generations of backcrossing the elite clone Green Poison and the autoflowering Big Devil #2 have resulted in GYO Seedbank’s latest Strain of the Month – Sweet Skunk Auto from Royal Queen Seeds. This one is incredibly easy to grow and is suitable for beginners and experts alike, creating a fruity and skunky harvest in just 8 weeks. The buzz is indica-dominant and perfect for kicking back and relaxing with mates after a hard day at work. And with double Eucalyptus Points currently on offer, there really is no better time than the present to add this fantastic seed to your collection.

Jack Herer from Green House Seed Co.

GYO Seedbank’s latest Strain of the Month spotlight shines proudly on Jack Herer from Greenhouse Seed Company. If you haven’t heard of this particular cannabis variety then where have you been? It’s incredibly popular and has won awards too numerous to mention, and it’s easy to see why. It performs well indoors and out, producing yields of 800 g/m2 inside and 1200 g/plant in the garden. When blazed it delivers an intense and long-lasting sativa hit that’s perfect shared with friends and the ideal way to get any party started… and with double Eucalyptus Points currently available there really is no better time than the present to add it to your collection.